CapeUK is an independent, not-for-profit organisation committed to improving the lives of children and young people, preparing them to face the future with creativity and self-belief.  We work with schools, youth and community organisations, universities, the cultural and creative sector and other agencies which share our aims.


CapeUK offer a variety of programme opportunities exploring and promoting creativity, learning and development. CapeUK has experience of being the leading agency for a number of programmes, such as the Arts Award in Yorkshire and the Humber and Creative Partnerships in West and South Yorkshire. For a list of all programmes that we are currently working on please click here.


CapeUK has an exceptional research and analysis capacity, with extensive experience of auditing and analysing provision for children and young people, carrying out both national and regional surveys on behalf of agencies including Arts Council England. CapeUK has extensive regional and national experience of research and analysis, regularly publishing its findings, project reports, evaluations and ideas. Many of these are available on our resources page.


Creative leaders know that there are no quick solutions; effective development needs to be part of a process rather than a one off experience. CapeUK consultants and associates have a wealth of experience in all aspects of nurturing a creative learning environment. We work with you to design, plan and deliver creative interventions to transform learning and teaching. Starting from your starting point, we tailor our approach to your setting, your staff and your children and young people. For more information, please contact us or e-mail See our Services to Schools Offer.

Professional Learning

CapeUK’s Professional Learning/CPD programme aims to help participants grow new ideas and behaviours, drive change and sustainability, enable creative development, introduce analysis, understand creative processes, experience creativity, think systemically to bring about change, be engaging... and more.

Partners and Networks

CapeUK has a highly skilled and effective workforce in place and a strong network of associates who share a common purpose. Since 1997, CapeUK has gained an invaluable regional intelligence, established through key relationships in the local arts and education sectors. Building effective networks is one of CapeUK’s key areas of expertise – creating, facilitating and hosting effective networks across the arts and culture sectors which enable professionals to share best practice, develop knowledge and enrich ideas which improve performance and identify new trends and collaborative opportunities. CapeUK is linked with people and organisations regionally, nationally and internationally, continually seeking to draw on learning and experiences worldwide.

For information on our partnerships and networks please view our work page, and for networking opportunities and events please visit our professional learning page.