Early Years Creative Cookbook

CapeUK's Early Years Creative Cookbook, in partnership with Earlyarts and Calderdale Council’s Early Years Team, will inspire early years settings, professionals and practitioners across the country to engage in similar creative approaches. This is a practical resource is divided into sections to help follow the ‘recipe’ process. A short introduction, key ingredients gives a flavour of the activity, secret ingredients to help pick out some of the magic touches unique to that project, the method, the results, top tips and the proof of the pudding showing how the settings are digesting their projects for the future.
Madeleine Irwin, Creative Director, CapeUK says; “We believe this resource explores creative development – learning about the opportunities to nurture children’s creativity within early years pedagogy. The resource effectively demonstrates how these projects supported; personal social and emotional development, physical development, communication and language, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design. CapeUK is dedicated and committed to supporting leaders of creative education, both regionally and nationally, we will continue to innovate, advocate and implement creative education to ensure young people have the skills and creative capacities to face the future.”

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