Saltaire cover

The history and artistic connections of Saltaire have inspired a group of school pupils in Bingley – and the teachers who work them. 

19 pupils from Lady Lane Primary have achieved an Arts Award, using a bespoke logbook created by CapeUK in partnership with Salts Mill.

The school's Headteacher Gill Watson said the work had inspired pupils and was “like lighting the blue touchpaper for teachers”, leading to “massive changes” in their use of the arts.

Gill and a fellow teacher at Lady Lane took Adviser training and were so enthused by the opportunities it offered that the school has seen its first cohort of 19 pupils complete Arts Award. 

Gill reported: “Arts Award has been a huge catalyst for change in my school, to the extent that we are now reviewing how we teach and deliver all subjects under the ARTS umbrella. Embarking upon the training was just like lighting the blue – touch paper, for from this wonderful beginning we felt inspired and empowered to take a fresh and exciting look at what we were doing, and as a result we have already put in place some massive changes.

The children have embarked upon some fabulous and very high quality work in design, painting and sketching, felt making, dance, drama and creative writing. Parents tell us that their children have been 100% enthused by the project, and this wonderful attitude has spread throughout all their work. The confidence, enthusiasm and initiative levels have soared, and all the children are justifiable proud of what they have achieved. The whole school is buzzing with a new and very exciting arts curriculum, and a very different way of delivering it.”

CapeUK worked with the school and Salts Mill in Saltaire to create a bespoke log book using the heritage of Saltaire and the work of David Hockney as a base for starting the children’s arts exploration leading to a drama performed at Salts Mill. The work is being expanded to involve more pupils in 2017 including a new connection with a planned visit to Scarborough.