For the past four years, CapeUK has been bringing together hundreds of schools and arts and cultural organisations with the aim of ensuring that every child and young person in the region has the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts, museums and libraries.

This work has been carried out through our role as Arts Council England (ACE) bridge organisation for Yorkshire and the Humber.

By March 2016 we had:

► worked with around 2,000 schools on a variety of activities, events and programmes

► seen 1,200 Arts Award Advisers trained, leading to almost 19,000 Arts Awards achieved by children and young people in Yorkshire and the Humber

► worked with all the region's Music Education Hubs and many of the libraries and Film Centres

► carried out three major reviews covering cultural education, the new education landscape and the use of film in learning.

Our initial work was based on priorities that emerged from consultation with the arts and cultural and education sectors leading to those sector reviews. Those priorities have been refined through further consultation and activity and continue as we have moved into the second phase of the bridge role until 2018.

Through our bridge role we have invested with partners, helping fund strategic work bringing in new money to support sustainable arts and cultural opportunities for young people.

To find out more about our bridge role you can click on the image below to see our Guide to the Bridge – "Bridging the Gap".

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