• Every child and young person has the opportunity
   to experience the richness of the arts.

• Children and young people have the best current
   and future artistic lives they can have.

• They are able to develop their artistic capabilities
   and engage with and shape the arts.

CapeUK is part of a national network of 10 bridge organisations which are seeking to make this ambition a reality for children and young people across England. We are funded by Arts Council England (ACE) from April 2012 to use our experience and expertise to connect children and young people with art and culture in Yorkshire and the Humber.

We want all children and young people to have the opportunity to:

• Experience, engage with and participate in a range of art forms
• Specialise in and progress in an art form of their choice
• Engage with the huge range of cultural resources available in the region

We can only achieve this by working with all those with a shared vision including: schools and networks of schools, youth and community organisations, local authorities, Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisations, museums, heritage organisations, libraries, film and other individuals in the arts and cultural sector.  Our collective challenge is to develop imaginative and innovative approaches which respond to the current realities of austerity and change.  As the bridge organisation for Yorkshire and the Humber we are determined to play our part in bringing this about.

Want to know why arts, culture and creativity make a real difference to the lives of children and young people? Take a look at this evidence.


Local Cultural Education Partnerships

A key element of our work over the next three years is the establishment of Local Cultural Education Partnerships in each of the 15 local authority areas of Yorkshire and the Humber. They will bring galvanize partnerships across the arts, cultural and education sectors in local authorities across the region to support a clear articulation and delivery of the local cultural offer to teachers, parents, children and young people and the arts and cultural sector.

For more information about the Cultural Education Challenge and our role in creating Local Cultural Education Partnerships please visit our 'Rise to the Challenge' page.  


How many children and young people have been involved?

It's impossible to calculate exact numbers of young people our work has had an impact on although it runs into many thousands because we work strategically with schools and other settings and the arts and cultural sector who then deliver services and activities to children and young people – but what we do know is:

- If you gathered together all the young people in the region  who have achieved Arts Award in the two years of our bridge role they would fill the Crucible Theatre, both theatres at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds Grand Theatre, York Theatre Royal and the Bradford Alhambra combined! Every day their numbers are swelled by more young people taking part in Arts Award.

- If we wanted to host a day-long event for every child from an Artsmark School in the Yorkshire and the Humber region we would need to book the new Leeds First Direct Arena for eight consecutive days to get them all in – or we could fill Hull's KC Stadium four times over.

What did we find?

We have a range of statistical information available including our Yorkshire and the Humber area summaries of ACE's Cultural Education Data Portal:

► Y&H area summaries of ACE Data Portal


Initially, we carried out a review of the education landscape in Yorkshire and the Humber with examples of good practice linking schools, children and young people and arts and cultural organisations.

Opening Doors: A review of opportunities for arts and culture in the new education landscape of Yorkshire and the Humber 2013

We also carried out an initial scoping exercise to update and widen our understanding of the current cultural education offer in the region, including the context and demand for relevant arts and cultural opportunities for children and young people.

Download the full State of the Region 2012 report 'What did we find?' 





If you would like to talk to us about any aspect of the Arts Council England bridge organisation work, please contact cape@capeuk.org.